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December 19, 2015
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  • TaskDonate a smoker to an Iraq War Veteran
We had an opportunity to give back to Chris and his family. Watch the video to learn more about this amazing opportunity that was afforded Shirley Fabrication!

Paul with Chris and his brand new Shirley Smoker!


  1. Chris Eden says:

    I am still so humbled by this act of generosity! The Shirley’s not only make a world class smoker but are also world class people! Proud to call them friends! The smoker is a world class cooker! You will not find a better value out there. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is off the charts!

  2. Phillip James Sales says:

    Yes they are Chris, I’ve talked with Paul &Tyler they truly are world class. I’m a veteran myself so I know what it takes 2nd Inf Division Camp Casey, Korea ???

  3. Marty Sutton, USMC (Ret) says:

    This video was awesome! As a retired Marine with two combat tours under my belt, it is great to see that there are still
    businesses out there that support our troops and what they sacrifice on a daily basis. I am in the market for a smoker pit and ran across this
    video while doing my research and this pretty much sealed the deal for me. I will support those who generously support us!

    I just relocated from Virginia to Warner Robins, GA and will be contacting you soon to order the exact same model and upgrades shown
    in this video!

    Marty Sutton, USMC (Ret.)
    aka “Chow Dawg”

  4. Gabe Leon says:

    Oooraaahhh! Semper Fi !!!!!
    From all of us Marines, Active and Retired, I’m sure I can speak for most,
    thank you for your generosity and support!

    HQ Battalion 3rd Mar Div 86-90


  5. Frank Kurland says:

    Outstanding! Support the troops

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