What we build

Smokers / Cookers from Patio to Trailer

We build custom off set cookers, specializing in reverse flow. All of our cookers are sized and designed to perform excellent and are built in accordance with several pit calculators with some added geometry to assure that the cooker will perform as they should. The last thing you want is a cooker that has undersized fireboxes, intakes, exhaust, and opening from firebox to cook chamber. If everything is sized right, from that point it comes down to how much pride the builder takes in what he is doing, and I assure you we take extreme pride in all we do. My son, Tyler, and I do all the fabrication work, the welding and the painting. His younger brother Ross is in training and when he meets our strict requirements, then he can help us. Tyler and I are the owners, welders, fitters, painters, secretary and janitors. Basically we do it all.

If you already have a smoker and want to fix, upgrade or improve, we do cooker revamps. We have all of the tools and experience to transform your existing cooker into something you can be proud of again.

Pride in our Work

We allow our work to speak for itself. Nothing leaves our shop until our product exceeds our high quality standards. Taking pride in your work will always show in the end product.


Custom Vehicle Bumpers

Due to the extreme custom nature of the bumpers we build, we must have your vehicle in hand for 3 days for a front, and 2 days for a rear. Every bumper is made to fit each customer’s specifications and vehicle type. Bumper and bar design options are endless. Let us know what you want, and we will make it happen. Our bumpers are some of the toughest and baddest bumpers in the country. That is a fact!.

Our bumpers are constructed of 3/16’’ and 1/4′’ mild steel. Most bumpers will accept up to a 16.5 thousand lb. winch, depending of the vehicle make and model. Fog/driving lights can be integrated into any bumper style that we offer..

Custom Fabrication and Ornamental Iron

Check out the links to either Custom Fabrication or Ornamental Iron to learn more about what we do and submit a quote for your project.