The Shirley Process
and what to expect.


Discuss your project


Place the deposit


The build process


Pick up

Discuss your project

The first step to any project/purchase is to determine what you are looking for. We look for input from the customer to tell us what you are wanting and if you have a budget number in mind. If there are areas that you haven't quite figured out yet or have questions, that's perfectly fine. We are here to help and assist in anyway that we can. We believe that the entire process should be a partnership.

Place the Deposit

While we would love to be able to accept everyone at their word, we have been burnt in the past. Once you have made the decision and are ready to order, we require a non refundable 300 dollar deposit to secure the build on your smoker. Deposits vary for bumpers, ornamental iron work and custom fabrication and will discuss with you what the deposit will be for anything other than a smoker. We currently only accept checks, cash, and money orders.

The Build Process

Once we begin the build process, we like for our customers to see what they have spent their hard earned money on. We will send you videos and pictures of the build. This is the way we do business and feel it is a great way for us to showcase our skills and show the amount of pride that we have with each and every build. Here at Shirley Fabrication, we don't mass produce. Whether you purchase a bumper, smoker or any other product, each project is worked on by either Tyler or Paul. We have no assembly line and we don't cut corners.

Pick Up

The day has arrived for you to pick up your new equipment. We hope that you are as excited as we are to welcome you to the Shirley family! Final payment is due at this time and we will go over your project with you and answer any questions that you have, however the relationship doesn't end there. Once you get back home, we are still available to you as a resource.