Behind the welding helmet

Paul Shirley

Welder/ fabricator for over 30 years. I have worked as a boilermaker, a pipe fitter/welder in chemical plants, refineries, steel mills, paper mills and fabrication shops.

Tyler Shirley

(205) 799-0251

Tyler started working with metal at the age of 14 and became a master fabricator. Now in his 20's, he has perfected his art and each piece that he creates shows his master abilities.

A little about our history

I hope this site enables us to inform you of what we do, how we do it, and the extreme pride we take in everything we do. Paul has been a welder/fabricator for over 30 years working as a boilermaker, pipe fitter/welder in chemical plants, refineries, steel mills, paper mills, and fabrication shops.

Tyler started working on various metal fabrication jobs at the age of 14. Now in his 20s he is a master fabricator as you will clearly be able to see when looking at the work Shirley Fabrication puts out.

Ross is the third member of the team. While not a full timer as of yet due to school, his skills have made leaps and bounds. He has been given projects to do and hit them out of the park. Tyler and Paul are relying on him more and more due to his excellent skills.

Our goal is to provide a superior product at a fair and reasonable price.

Paul Shirley

Paul's career involves the refinery industry. When he isn't working his day job, he can be found helping out Tyler at the shop . The shop is located in our backyard which to some degree allows us an advantage because of lower overhead cost. We will not let just anyone work on our projects because few people take the pride we take and have our work ethic and tenacity about quality.

We know as a consumer nothing is more irritating than when you go to purchase a product, get the run around, and people not do what they say they are going to do. I assure you that won’t be the case with Shirley Fabrication. If you email, one of us will promptly get back to you and when you call, you will be reaching our cell phones directly and if you leave a voicemail you will get a response as soon as we're able to call you back.

Shirley Fabrication would like to give a special shout-out to Kevin Miller AKA KAM. If it weren't for this man helping Shirley Fabrication from the start, there would be no Shirley Fabrication as we all know it today. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge that we still use today. MANY thanks Kevin!