Due to the overnight price increase of Stainless Steel, if you have a build that uses Stainless with either Paul or Tyler, please be advised that before your build is started, you will be contacted and the price increase of your individual build will be discussed and agreed upon before the build starts. While we do not like passing on price increases, our suppliers have passed along a 100% price increase to us and we cannot absorb such a large increase. To reiterate, this is ONLY for Stainless Steel. We appreciate your business and understanding!

Cooker Standard Features

Shirley Fabrication cookers come with our commitment to excellence and following standard features. Click here for a full list of frequently asked questions. >

Standard Features Walkthrough

Tyler takes you through a full walkthrough of the many standard features that go into each and every Shirley cooker.

Choose your Model

Smokers listed with prices are built exactly as described. Click on a picture to get more detail and start the quote process. You will have the opportunity to add questions about customization during the quote process.
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