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Cooker Standard Features

Shirley Fabrication cookers come with our commitment to excellence and following standard features. Click here for a full list of frequently asked questions. >

Standard Features Walkthrough

Tyler takes you through a full walkthrough of the many standard features that go into each and every Shirley cooker.

Choose your Model

Smokers listed with prices are built exactly as described. Click on a picture to get more detail and start the quote process. You will have the opportunity to add questions about customization during the quote process.
  • Patio 24″x42″ Cabinet


    24″x42″ Patio Model
    3/8 Cook Chamber

  • Patio 24″x50″ Cabinet

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    24″x50″ Patio Model

  • 24″x50″ Traditional Doors on Trailer


    24″x50″ Traditional Door Cooker

  • 24″x60″ 4′ Wide Trailer


    24″x60″ Trailer Model w/4’trailer

  • Patio 24″x60″ Cabinet

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    24″x60″ Patio Model
    3/8 Cook Chamber

  • Cabinet 24″x65″ Non-insulated Trailer


    24”x65” Non-insulated Cabinet Model

  • 24″x65″ 4′ Wide Trailer

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    24″x65″ Trailer Model w/insulated Firebox

  • Patio 24″x60″ Cabinet


    24″x60″ Patio Model

  • Cabinet 24″x60″ Modified Trailer


    24″x60″ Cabinet Model w/modified trailer and insulated Firebox

  • Cabinet 24″x65″


    24″x65″ Cabinet Model w/insulated Firebox

  • Patio 24″x65″ Cabinet


    24″x65″ Patio Model w/insulated Firebox and Hip roof on warmer

  • Cabinet 24″x65″ Modified Trailer


    24″x65″ Cabinet w/Modified Trailer and insulated Firebox

  • Cabinet 30″x96″ Dual Axle

    30″x96″ Cabinet Dual Axle Contact for Pricing!

  • Cabinet 30″x75″ Straightback

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    30″x75″ Cabinet Straight back Contact for Pricing!

  • Custom Cooker

    Do you have a special request? Don't see a size above that fits your needs? Click the icon
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